What does MHK Made do?

MHK Made is a production & design studio in Manhattan Kansas, specializing in precise and high-quality 3d and laser, cut and engraved products.

What type of material do you use?

For 3d Printing:

We use Polylactic Acid, or PLA, plastic to make our products. PLA is made from renewable resources, such as sugar cane or cornstarch.

For Laser:

Products can vary based on the application.

Do you ship?

Yes, shipping cost will be calculated at check out. 

How long do orders take to ship out?

Typically, orders take 2-3 days business days(Monday-Friday) to ship out.

Can I send a 3d model / laser file to be printed/cut/engraved?

Definitely! Reach out here and I can provide a custom quote.